Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Our Parent-Taught program is not intended to replace the instruction of a professional driving school. While it is comprehensive, nothing can replace personalized and professional behind-the-wheel training.

This program is intended to take six (6) months. If you think that you can teach your teen to drive over the course of a few Saturday's in the parking lot, you're dreaming.

Driving is the most dangerous activity that your teenager will ever engage in. Car crashes kill more teens than drugs, alcohol, and crime combined. Luckily, you, as the parent, can have a major impact on teen's ability to become a safe, smart, and skillful driver. You just need the proper information (which is the point of this website) and the willingness to put in the time with your teen. Good luck!

Stage 1: Getting Started

Stage 1: Start Here

Stage 1: The Chalk Lesson

Stage 1: Yes, you must remind them to wear a seat belt.

Stage 1: The Pivot Method

Stage 1: Steering Methods

Stage 1: Become a Parking Expert

Stage 1: Tire Talk

Stage 1: Become a Smooth Operator

Stage 1: Turning

Stage 1: Checklist

Stage 1 represents the beginning of your journey. This is an exciting time for your teenager and perhaps one of great fear for yourself. However, once you are armed with the information, strategies, and exercises contained within this stage, you will be able to confront this fear head on.

Length of stage: 2-4 weeks
Location(s): Parking lots
Stage 2: Hitting the Street

Stage 2: Overview

Stage 2: Backing Up

Stage 2: Garage Parking

Stage 2: Mix up the cars

Stage 2: Understanding Braking

Stage 2: Parking Lots

Stage 2: Emergency Braking

Stage 2: What is a Space Management System

Stage 2: Creating a Space Management System – Part 1

Stage 2: Creating a Space Management System – Part 2

Stage 2: Emergency Acceleration

Stage 2: Parallel Parking

Stage 2: Changing directions by reversing on streets

Stage 2: Goals Checklist

In Stage 2, your teen will begin the transition from the parking lot into residential streets and even some city driving. They have become comfortable with the basic operation of the car and will begin to develop a space management system.

Length of stage: 2-5 weeks
Location(s): Parking lots, Residential and City Streets
Stage 3: Advanced City Driving

Stage 3: Overview

Stage 3: Role Reversal

Stage 3: Expanding their Search Distance – Part 1

Stage 3: Expanding their Search Distance – Part 2

Stage 3: Practicing the 3-second rule

Stage 3: Two-point, Three-point, and U-Turns – Part 1

Stage 3: Two-point, Three-point, and U-Turns – Part 2

Stage 3: Two-point, Three-point, and U-Turns – Part 3

Stage 3: Learning Directions and Using a Map

Stage 3: Incorporate More Commentary Driving

Stage 3: Intersections – Part 1

Stage 3: Intersections – Part 2

Stage 3: Night Driving

Stage 3: Goals Checklist

In Stage 3, your teen will gain extensive practice driving in high-volume city streets. They will expand their searching skills, learn two-point turns, three-point turns and u-turns. You should also expose them to some night driving. At the end of this stage, your should feel comfortable moving on to the freeway.

Length of stage: 3-6 weeks
Location(s): City and Residential Streets
Stage 4: The Highway and Beyond

Stage 4: Overview

Stage 4: Getting Acquainted with the Freeway

Stage 4: Highway Merging

Stage 4: Changing Lanes on the Highway

Stage 4: Passing on a Divided Highway

Stage 4: Stereotyping Other Drivers

Stage 4: It’s Never OK to Speed

Stage 4: Skidding – Part 1

Stage 4: Skidding – Part 2

Stage 4: Skidding – Part 3

Stage 4: Passing on Two Lane Roads

Stage 4: You Don’t Own the Road (so share it!)

Stage 4: Driving in Hazardous Conditions

Stage 4: Driving off the road (not off-roading)

Stage 4: Goals Checklist

Your teen is now ready to venture on to the highway! While the high speeds on the freeway can be intimidating, you should feel confident in your teen’s ability to tackle the highway. If they’re ready for this stage, they’ve repeatedly proven their competence as a driver. They’re almost ready to hit the road on their own, so finish strong!

Length of stage: 3-5 weeks
Location(s): Everywhere! Parking lots, residential streets, city streets, and the freeway
All information and advice contained within this website is to be taken at your own risk. Nothing contained within this website should be misconstrued as professional driving instruction.