DMV Practice Tests

We have created eight (8) interactive quizzes whose questions are nearly identical to the ones you will see on your written test. If you can pass each of the eight quizzes without any outside assistance, you are ready to take the real thing. Good luck!

Need more Quizzes?

If the eight quizzes above haven't satisfied your appetite for practice tests, we've collected a list of other online resources where you can find more quizzes.

  • Go to your state's DMV website. Most have a least one practice quiz. Oftentimes, it's included in the driver's manual in the form of a PDF. So, you'll have to score it manually. But, it still gives you a great idea of the type of questions that will be asked in your particular state.
    • DMV Quizzes for your iPod.
  • - Comprehensive, free driving test prep quizzes for multiple states, countries, and vehicle types to help you learn

  • - You'll need iQuiz installed on your iPod.

If you know of another site with DMV practice questions, please send an email to guru at driversedguru dot com.

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