Stage 2: Goals Checklist

If your teen can perform the following, they’re ready to move on to Stage 3.

  • Can reverse smoothly and in a straight line.
  • Turns the wheel in the correct direction when driving in reverse.
  • Can safely back out of and drive into the garage.
  • Can safely back into and drive out of parking spots.
  • Proficient in parallel parking in a practice scenario.
  • Showing proficiency in parallel parking in real-life situations.
  • Exhibits confidence in driving multiple vehicles. Can perform all tasks with equal ability in more than one car.
  • Has mastered the ability to change directions on a street by reversing.
  • Understands the purpose of a space management system.
  • Exhibiting signs of early scanning skills. At this point, your teen is not as proficient with scanning as a seasoned driver, but they are definitely showing growing awareness of the area around them.
  • Is using all mirrors frequently.
  • Uses cover braking technique.
  • Possesses ability to “stop and steer”.
  • Has braked forcefully enough to engage ABS system and is no longer alarmed when it engages.
  • Understands the meaning of all road signs.
  • Understands all right-of-way rules.

Remember that your teen should still be working on tasks from Stage 1. For instance, even if you’re not explicitly working on smooth braking and accelerating, your teen should be mindful to keep from giving both of you whiplash.

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