Stage 1: Checklist

If your teen has shown repeated competence in the areas below, it’s may be time to move on to Stage 2. Oftentimes, teens are eager to move on to new tasks as soon as they’ve correctly performed the maneuver one time. Resist this temptation! Learning a new skill requires repetition so that your reactions to certain situations are instinctive.

When you move on to Stage 2, do not forget to practice everything in Stage 1. By moving on, you’re simply adding new tasks, environments, and skills onto what has already been learned.

Pre-Driving Tasks

  • Checks exterior of car before entering
  • Knows basic under-the-hood items
  • location of battery
  • where to add windshield washer fluid
  • how to check the oil dipstick
  • Knows how to check tire pressure and how to add more air
  • Knows how to set mirrors to reduce blind spots and glare
  • Adjusts seat position and headrest position before starting car
  • Always wears seat belt

Driving Tasks

  • Brakes and accelerates smoothly
  • Can maintain speed without jerky driving movements
  • Can turn right and left with equal ease
  • Uses turn signal when appropriate
  • Uses proper hand-over-hand and pull-push-slide steering
  • Checks mirrors periodically and continuously while driving
  • Has mastered angle parking
  • Has mastered perpendicular (90-degree) parking

If you’re ready, continue on to Stage 2: Overview

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