Florida Driver’s Ed Courses

Nearly every provider is offering the exact same course. The American Safety Council created a course that satisfied the requirements in Florida and they allow any company who is willing to pay them a commission the ability to resell this course. So, now matter what company you enroll with, you’re taking the exact same course. Therefore, the decision of which site to use will probably come down to which one appeals to you the most.

Read our review of the Florida DATA course.

Florida approved online driver’s ed courses:

Below is a list of online driver’s ed courses that are approved in the state of Florida.

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Read Review Visit Site

Please note that we haven’t reviewed every online driver’s ed course in Florida. Rather, we have found the most popular and (in our opinion) the most reputable online course providers.

Supplemental Resources

Check out our reviews of Driver’s Ed DVDs. These driver education DVDs do not fulfill state requirements, but they are fantastic driver’s ed resources.

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