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This course is the Guru’s Pick (for CA and NV) is, in our opinion, the best online driver training course available.

However, the online course is only available for California and Nevada residents. While does offer online course for other states, they are reselling another company’s course., like most other providers, is using the American Safety Council’s DATA course for Florida. They also use Virtual Drive of America’s course for Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas.

But, if you live in California or Nevada, you’re in for a real treat.

Take the entire course without paying

My favorite feature is that you can take the entire course without having to pay for it. Of course, if you want to take the final exam and gain your certificate, you’ll have to pay. But, simply by signing up, you can get a great feel for the program. offers a similar trial (although you can only take 20% of the course before having to pay). However, I think you can make an informed decision through a short sampling. But, I just thought that was neat.

Excellent Graphics and Animations

While’s course doesn’t include any live-action footage, the flash animations are of an extremely high level and very professional. They are, by far, the best we’ve seen. Not only are they visually appealing, the scenarios shown are realistic and truly reinforce proper defensive driving techniques.

Text-heavy, but well done

Like all other online training courses, there is a lot of text in this program. However, it is laid out well and is visually appealing. The pictures all look like they were intended for this program and not cobbled together from stock galleries and personal photo galleries. I found it easy to read through the pages in this program (although they contained more text per-page than, for instance) due to its layout. has clearly spent a lot of time developing their site and their offering. You may also be delighted to know that also offers behind-the-wheel training.

Price: $99 (although they were running a special for $69 when I reviewed it)


  • Very easy to use with a professional look and feel
  • Flash animations are top-notch and reinforce proper defensive driving techniques


  • Only available in California and Nevada

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