The Driver’s Ed Game #2

Although frustrating, The Driver’s Ed Game is worth a try. Like some of the earlier games on our driver’s ed and car parking games list, The Driver’s Ed game attempts to take you through an entire fake DMV test. Of course, getting there is another story entirely.

When you screw up in this game, you see an explosion and you’re taken back to the beginning. I initially thought the practice rounds would be my salvation, but alas, they were not. When you play a practice round, the screen turns slightly gray provides a highly unappealing gaming experience. Beyond that, you’re still subject to the same “run into something and get forced out to the main menu” flaw. How can I get any practice if I spend all my time clicking through the menu to get back into the practice tests?

So go ahead and give it a try. You might have better luck than I did. **

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