Learn To Park: Parking Game from Driver’s Ed Direct

Learn to Park is a decent parking game that could be awesome with a few modifications. When you initially open the game, you’ll notice it has a very flashy opening sequence. I could do without that. What I love, though, is that it doesn’t start you over every time you drive into another car. I also like that the images are large and clear, making it easy to see and play the game.

What I don’t like about this particular parking game is the fact that it’s also very easy to get stuck against curbs and other cars. In some rounds, you’re positioned in ways that make it almost impossible to get around the cars in your path without banging into everything in site. There’s a reset button, but still, it’s a little irritating.

Gameplay is fairly simple, with each round consisting of one parking task. You’re rated on a combination of time, accuracy, and number of crashes, so you’ll find that even after you’ve played it a few times, you can still better yourself by improving on those factors. Overall, it’s a fun diversion, but certainly not as good as some of the other games of this type. ****

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