Driver Ed To Go DVD Review

Another High-quality Driver’s Ed DVD

Driver Ed To Go is a well-produced DVD that aims to teach and entertain at the same time. In our opinion, this is the #1 problem of Driver Ed To Go (albeit not a huge problem). It tries really hard to be funny, hip, and MTV-esque (including the “Ashton” camera effect in which the camera angle switches wildly and the screen goes black and white). I can’t say for certain how effective or distracting this will be to teens.

Topics Covered

The “wise-cracking” host aside, Driver Ed To Go covers a considerable amount of information. In addition to everything you’d need to know in order to pass the behind-the-wheel test, Driver Ed To Go includes bonus sections on what to do in the case of an accident and a short video on the importance of car insurance.

Topics list: Pre-Drive checks, Dashboard Instruments, Backing-up, Vehicle Space, Intersections, Three Second Rule, ABC’s of Turning, Turnabout Tasks, Parking, Lane Changes, Avoiding Traps, Expressway driving, Heavy Traffic, Construction Zones, Emergency Vehicles, Insurance Needs, Vehicle Failures, After the Collision, and the Driving Test.

What stood out to us is the lack of discussion on driving in bad conditions such as rain, snow, and fog. The producers promote how this DVD was shot on location in California, so I guess they figure the entire country has perpetually sunny days?

Bonus Features

Driver Ed To Go includes a few bonus features: The Drugs and Alcohol section includes four sub-sections.

The first, also named, “Drugs and Alcohol”, includes the standard-issue info about alcohol. It’s solid information and it never hurts to reinforce this with teen drivers.

The next three sub-sections are so bad they should be removed from the DVD. They’re called “The Argument”, “The Party”, and “Waiting at Home”. Each is a short pseudo-cartoon that illustrates a single point. “The Argument” suggests that you should distract drunks that are about to drive and then steal their keys and throw them into a forest. And by “distract”, Driver Ed To Go means “make out with them”. “The Party” suggests that the host of a drinking party should call cabs for their guests. The last, “Waiting at Home” shows teens that if you drive yourself home drunk, you’ll probably have to listen to your parents yell at you. And then you’ll probably have to listen to more yelling in the morning. I’m still confused about this one.

The remaining bonus features are “Practice Questions”, “Recognizing Road Signs”, and “Bloopers”. The “Practice Questions” section includes DMV-style questions. The “Recognizing Road Signs” section is like a virtual flash card. It shows a sign, you think of its meaning, and then hit the “meaning” button to see if you were correct. I would have also preferred a signs index like on The Rules of the Road which allows you to quickly look up the meaning of a sign.

The “Bloopers” section features some funny behind-the-scenes moments from the filming of the DVD, including a camera falling off the side of the car.

Our Assessment

This is a well thought-out and well-executed driver’s instructional DVD. The only other DVD on the market that is in the same league is The Rules of the Road. In a direct comparison, we slightly prefer The Rules of the Road. While The Rules of the Road has its share of cheesy lines (and one actor in serious need of some dental work), its bonus features, extensive 3D animations, and interactivity make it a slightly better learning tool.

However, you cannot go wrong in purchasing Driver Ed To Go. So, if you were willing to purchase two DVDs, pick up Driver Ed to Go and The Rules of the Road. If your budget only allows one, we’d have to recommend Rules of the Road.

Running time: Not listed anywhere. We’ve timed it out ourselves at about 100 minutes.


Price: $29.95


  • Well-produced with solid information.


  • Attempts to be funny tend to become a little tedious.
  • Drug and Alcohol “cartoons” section should be removed.

Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with Driver Ed to Go. It features solid information and is professionally presented.

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