Important Things to Know about Semi Automatic Transmission

Nowadays, most cars are available with an automatic transmission or manual transmission. But, you can find few models designed with semiautomatic transmission. It was started during the 1930s and it was upgraded with some latest features. Semiautomatic transmission is almost similar to a manual transmission, but you cannot find any clutch on the floor of your car. Car equipped with this transmission have electronic processors and sensors, and these sensors are working as the clutch. You just need to give the command when you want to change your gears and these sensors will adjust the clutch automatically.

What Is Semi Automatic Transmission?

Similar to a manual transmission, the semiautomatic transmission also has a manual gearbox, and you need to use this gearbox to shift the gears. But, you do not need to press the clutch while you shift your gears, which is mandatory for manual transmission. When you change the gear, the clutch will be automatically get adjusted and you can change the gear without pressing the clutch. It will reduce the friction between your clutch plate and engine, and you can use your clutch and gearbox for a longer period of time.

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It does not mean that you do not need to take any action to shift your gears. In the case of semiautomatic transmission, you need to change the gears like a manual transmission, but the electronic components of your car will connect the cables and pipes to change the clutch. If you want to change your gears without using your clutch, then you can choose a car designed with this computerized system.

Advantages of Semi Automatic Transmission:

If you are learning driving and want to change the gears without knowing about the clutch, then you can choose a semiautomatic transmission. It will give you a smooth driving experience. But, if you have trained yourself in manual transmission then you have to learn the driving with semiautomatic transmission before you start driving your new car. Sometimes, new drivers can press the accelerator or brake while they shift their gears, and it is a problematic as well as dangerous thing that you need to avoid. It will increase the speed of your car or it will stop your car suddenly. As a result, you can get injured by a road accident. If you want to avoid such hassles, you can simply buy a car designed with semiautomatic transmission.

Disadvantages of Semi Automatic Transmission:

Cars equipped with semiautomatic transmission are expensive than a manual transmission. Apart from that, you need to spend a huge maintenance cost on semiautomatic transmission. If you find any issue in your manual transmission, then you can repair it or replace it. It will cost you few bucks.

However, cars designed with the semiautomatic transmission is a good choice because you can drive your car smoothly and you can shift your gears on a highway faster. It will reduce the chance of road accidents and you can drive your car without using the clutch. It will save the cost of clutch plate repair and replacement, and you can save more in future.

If you face any issues with the semiautomatic transmission, then you must take your car to the authorised service centre in the beginning stage only. Don’t wait for the meagre problem to become severe. This will help in keeping the cost and repairs minimal and you won’t face any issues in terms of the repair cost.  So now you can search for such cars available with semiautomatic transmission and buy the best one according to your budget. But don’t buy from a very cheap and infamous brand.

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